Other Initiatives

Female Feticide

Shri Satish Raj Deswal ji is also working ahead in the field of malpractice & evilness which is present in our society. ShriRamniwas Sharma ji&Shri Satish Raj Deswal ji has put the campaign of “Save the Girl Child” into limelight through PanditKaamSinghDharmarath Library Sangeet& Kala Vikas Samiti (Regd.). Female feticide is still on the peak in most of the major parts in India and for this causes the members of the samities are creating awareness among people by visiting door to door & village to village in Haryana state. To make more & more people participate, samiti has produced a movie named “AathwanVachan -EkPratigya” based on female feticide. The motive of making the film is to educate the rural & modern society to grow up their child without any discrimination of gender.

SahilViklangShayatartha Samiti (Regd.)

Just to help disabled Category Sh. Satish Raj Deswal has come up with the charitable society named “SahilViklangSahayatartha Samiti (Regd.)”,MayurVihar, Delhi. Through this samiti is providing every possible help to the mentally & physically disabled every day. Samiti provides artificial body parts, study materials & routine commodities free of cost yearly. Samiti are providing stalls/shops free of cost in fairs organized by the different companies to motivate physically disabled.


Each older person is different so their needs are different. You'd need to know what an individual's needs are if you wish to help. Gramin Pratibha Vikas Samiti has taken a new initiative to help senior citizens to improve their condition and the community they live in. We have organized health camp in different parts of Haryana with the objective of uniting them to mainstream the ageing issues. In addition, we have organized a tour for the recreation of old age people with fulfilling their basic needs. We understand that Senior Citizens could involve in various activities which can immensely benefit society.