About Us

We Grameen Pratibha Vikas Samiti (Regd.)” and “SahilViklangSahayatartha Samitiintroduce ourselves as the Charitable Samities and have indulged ourselves in motivating & competitive education to masses in rural areas since last 9 years.In Indiamost of the children’s of Haryana State are going to schools in villages but lack of competitional attitude, the mental development & competitive ability of rural area children are still behind as compared to modern cities.

Through Grameen Pratibha Vikas Samiti we are marching this education campaign and creating a healthy competition to achieve their goal.We have taken this initiative to bring the education system to the next level without any hindrance in every best possible modern educational environment,which would definitely helpthem in future. These samities are also assisting 50 poor & handicapped children in their education & helping them in all aspects of life.